Sep 13, 2020

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Can Protein Deficiency In Body Lead To Hair Loss?

Can Protein Deficiency In Body Lead To Hair Loss?

There is no denying the fact that protein works as a building block in your body. From healthy skin to strong muscles, shiny nails, and long hair, it’s responsible for everything in your body. 

So, when your body doesn’t get enough protein, there are high chances that everything affected by it shrinks, including hair. In short, protein deficiency may lead to hair loss temporarily. 

It doesn’t happen just like that. Some processes trigger protein deficiency in the body, which may cause hair loss. But it doesn’t last long. As soon as you start taking protein according to your requirements, the hair loss stops. It’s not something to worry about. All your need to do is be aware of what goes into your system and how it affects your hair. 

Why Does Protein Deficiency Occur?

According to experts at Inkrease SMP in Fort Worth, a well-known hair care clinic, protein deficiency can be due to many reasons, but the fact that plays the biggest role is calorie deficit and weight training. 

Usually, the human body has enough protein required to run all the functions smoothly. That means, even if you have regular home-made food, you can maintain good hair. But as you start doing weight training and cardio for a minimum of 2-3 hours daily for seven days a week, the body undergoes a lot of physical pressure to keep up with the energy deficit. 

Around this time, your body stops sending protein and other nutrition to hair and nails, to use it for muscle recovery. This may lead to hair loss. When you stop doing excessive weight training and cardio or start taking protein from external sources to fulfill the requirement, your hair grows back. Keep these points in mind to handle things appropriately if you experience hair loss due to protein deficiency next time.

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