Sep 18, 2020

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Why This Eye-Catching Tattoo Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Why This Eye-Catching Tattoo Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Tattooing is not something anymore that only privileged people get to have on their bodies. These days, everyone can have a tattoo, thanks to the rising awareness and growing popularity among the masses. Another fact contributing to it is the affordable cost of tattooing that enables almost everyone interested in tattoos to get inked easily. In case you are searching for the best place to get a world-class tattoo, head over at Scalp Micro UK and check for relevant options as per your convenience. 

That said, you must acknowledge that many a time, some people instantly catch your attention with their tattoos. From athletes to Hollywood stars, there are many names you can take whose tattoos are so eye-catching that they can make you stop in your tracks. One such name that deserves mention here is artist Luna Cobra. 

He is an American artist who took needles to the eyes almost a decade back and turned them blue. There’s a fun fact behind his decision to turn his eyes blue. Once a friend of Cobra photoshopped one of his pictures to make them (the white part) appear blue. This look, according to his friend, was inspired by the film Dune. Luna Cobra liked this look so much that he decided to make it a reality. The rest, as we all know, is history. 

Hardly anyone had gotten a tattoo in their eyes at the time when Luna went for it. And overnight, it became a huge sensation across the nation. Over the years, many people have tried to go for a similar tattoo, and Luna’s advice for them is to avoid using too dark color as it might stop others from making eye contact with them.

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